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About Us

We’re proud to be the pioneers of Banh Mi Baguette Sandwiches in the UK!  Using our family's recipes going back generations, we work hard to present our cultural heritage and piece of amazing Vietnam to your table.

Food for the mind and soul

Vietnamese food is well known for being inherently healthy yet filling and full of flavour.  We use an abundance of raw salads and herbs which retains the nutrients and vibrant colours in our dishes.  We also cook with 'healing' spices including ginger, lemongrass, turmeric and garlic.   

Cultural history in a bowl

Vietnam is a country historically torn by war, invasions and colonialism. It changed the modern landscape and heavily influenced the food that Vietnamese people cooked and ate.  The incredible dishes that we make today still shows the impact of Vietnam's history on our cuisine.  


Amazingly, although the country experienced such turmoil, the warmth and hospitality of the people survived....

...See you soon?

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